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5 Ways I Prioritize Wellness on the Road

Hey Sozo family!

I’m Whitney, a Dallas-based yogi with a passion for helping Believers deepen their connection to God through a physical practice. I’ve been practicing yoga—rooted in prayer and meditation— regularly for nearly 5 years, and it’s had an amazing impact on my mindset, wellness routines, and my prayer life. In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, I maintain a fitness schedule incorporating various workout format and studios (including spin classes, pilates, HIIT, and running).

For me, wellness is about pouring into my relationship with Christ, balancing an active lifestyle, and incorporating rest and stillness into my schedule. I'm so excited to share some of my journey of Faith & Wellness with you! So let's hit the ROAD...


For the past three and a half years, I’ve been working a job that requires between 50 and 80% travel to various cities and states. Now, don’t get me wrong—I love traveling (and my husband is supportive), but time on the road can present a huge challenge to your wellness routines.

Developing and maintaining mindful, healthy routines while living out of a suitcase can be particularly challenging, but it’s not impossible. You just have to get a bit creative! So whether you’re preparing for work travel or a weekend out of town with friends, here are a few tips to keep your wellness routine at the forefront.

Drink water!

This tip will forever and always be my number one. Y’all…water is life and staying hydrated is essential! Your skin, hair, and digestive system will thank you later. But getting that 64oz., at the very least, in each day can be a challenge—especially when you’re on the road or on the move.

My suggestion? Make drinking water as convenient as possible by finding a reusable water bottle that can easily tuck into your purse or luggage. This way you’re never more than an arm’s reach away from a sip of water. And, by using the same bottle regularly, you’ll have a consistent tracker for your water intake. For instance, I only need to drink two full bottles from my reusable Nalgene to meet 64oz.

Find (or shop for) your go-to snacks

When I make it to a new city, I plan a trip to a grocery store as one of my first few stops! Instead of shopping for meal ingredients, I grab a stash of snacks I know will keep me on track during my time away from home. When my workday gets super hectic or I eat a less-than-healthy meal during the day, I can always rely on my snack stash to be a guilt-free, feel-good energy boost!

What snacks have made it on my “staple” list? I’m always sure to grab pretzels, cheese sticks, banana chips, mixed nuts, and coconut water. When possible, I also grab a few feel-good, non-necessities like collagen powder, cold brew coffee, and a cookie or two.

Bring your fitness routine with you

I don’t always know the extent of the workout facilities in my hotel/rental and there may be barriers to taking classes at local studios (i.e. timing, cost, distance). To avoid the potential time drain and disappointment of exploring a ton of options in a new city, I’ve had a lot of success bringing my own, lightweight supplies with me when I travel. And with all of the at-home workout videos on YouTube and blogs, a solid workout is never out of reach.

Which fitness tools do I travel with? I always pack resistance bands, a collapsible ab roller, and sliding plates. They do the trick every time!

Pack and post your affirmations

A few months after I started traveling for work, I got in the habit of putting up affirming Post-It notes in my hotel rooms. Now, it’s one of my favorite practices! Coming back to a cold, emotionless room after a long day of work made it really easy to dwell on the less-than-perfect moments of my day or on any feelings of loneliness.

My notes act as visual reminders of what I believe in, what I know to be true, and what I often need to be reminded of. Catching a glimpse at them on a wall or mirror can add to my excitement, drive consistency in my prayer life, or give me the extra boost I need to get through a rough day. which is precisely what I need in moments of self-doubt and sadness.

What kind of affirmations do I post most often? Bible verses (Romans 8:28), work-related confidence boosters (i.e. “Kill that presentation!”), and every day encouragements (i.e. “You got this, girl!”).

Schedule breaks, naps, and personal time

Last, but perhaps most importantly, is setting boundaries and identifying protected time and space for wellness on a daily basis. Having adequate “me time” is a priority, whether I’m in need of a workout, a nap, or an hour on the phone with my mama. Out of respect for my mind and body’s need to reset, I block off at least an hour each day to pour back into myself.

How do I protect my time? I’m flexible with it! With work trips, baecations, girl's trips, and random trips home scheduled, I know I’ll need to be strategic when scheduling time to myself. I’m always sure to keep my company and our itinerary in mind before scheduling a pre-dinner nap or an early morning workout.

How do you manage your wellness routines while traveling? Let us know in the comments!

From my soul to yours,


Catch up with me on IG!@flowandfavor

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