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How's Your Heart?

It's such a simple question, but the first time someone asked me, my heart literally stopped. How are you? How you doing? What's up? Those are all common questions. Which means it's easy to produce a common answer. Fine. Good. Blessed and Highly Favored.. (that was my granny's go to... LOL)

But this question requires a little more from both the person asking and the one answering. It requires that you literally CARE about who you are speaking to enough to dig a little deeper and wait for the answer. So that is why we are asking this question to you. Sozo Wellness and I CARE about you... We pray that you are taking care of yourself and finding ways to care deeply for your heart and spirit. Prayer, journaling, walks outside (with 6 feet of love between you), yoga, meditation, working out, gardening.. Whatever it is, find a way to CARE. It is as much worship as the gatherings we are so used to attending on Sundays. We love you and we are here for you.

From our soul to yours, Casey & the Sozo Wellness Family


P.S.If you find that you have a wellness need that we can support you in meeting, please let us know. Here are two ways that we are supporting others during this time...

The joy of owning a virtual wellness studio is that we are STILL open... LOL. We are still providing virtual wellness consultations and meditation, movement, and yoga sessions.


Also, our Lead Instructor Casey is leading a 5 day virtual devotional community entitled "What Remains." They are starting up May 11, but you are able to purchase the e-devotional even after the initial week is over.

We'd love to be a part of your wellness journey in whatever way we can...

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