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5 Tips for Creating your Home Sanctuary

One of the ways that I have been stewarding my time lately is by changing my formal living room (that I never used) to a beautiful prayer and meditation space. There's something beautiful about making a sanctuary in your home that is just special and sacred. It doesn't matter the size of the space. Even a corner will do!

I am by no means an expert interior decorator, but I definitely have a few lessons that I've learned along the way. So, if you are interested in creating your own little piece of Heaven in your home, then check out my 5 tips below.



There's something about being around and taking care of a living

thing that is almost spiritual. So purchase a plant. Yes. a LIVE plant. LOL. And add it to your space. Worried that you have a brown thumb? There are a number of low maintenance and forgiving plants like succulents, zz plants, and snake plants. Check out your local nursery and let them know you're a beginner. They should be able to guide you in the right direction. Things I had to consider were light in the room, maintenance, and size. I may or may not be up to 11 new plant friends (and counting)...


We all love to feel warm and fuzzy. So add a little of that to your sanctuary. A nice knit blanket. A soft rug. A comfy floor cushion. All of these can add a special bit of warmth to make your space feel like a big HUG. As an added bonus, a soft pillow has been a great place to lay my head when I've had a big crying session with the Holy Spirit...


Cluttered room. Cluttered mind. When creating a place that is intentionally for prayer and meditation, having a clear and organized space makes such a difference. Try dual-purposed storage ottomans to put away odds and ends. Keep the accents to a minimum. This is a great place to renew your mind. So get rid of all the extra "stuff". Start with the must-haves, plus a few "love to haves". Then STOP. lol


Studies prove that vitamin D not only affect the physical body, but also the emotions! There's just nothing like the good ole SUN! So let in as much natural light as possible! Lamps with soft amber light are great addition as well.


Meditation can be a very multi-sensory experience. So make sure you are appealing to your sense of smell. Find a nice candle or essential oil diffuser and play around with what scents are calming for you. Not sure where to start? Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass are all said to have great affects on the body and mind.


I can't wait to see how your sanctuary turns out! In fact, you can check out my meditation room progress at @mysozowellness on IG. I'd love to see yours! So TAG ME and give me an update.

From my soul to yours,


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