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Our Story

“Oh no! Something isn’t right and I have to get off this plane right now! Get up, Casey! Get UP.”

Those were the last thoughts I remember while on a plane to Philadelphia in the Fall of 2017. The next memory I have is staring at the ceiling of the plane while people looked over me with a lot of concern. As embarrassment and reality settled in, I realized what had happened- I had experienced an anxiety attack so bad that I literally passed out! Later that day, I had to digest a really hard truth - you can love the Lord, serve Him, and still need support with your mental and emotional health.

Your Wellness Journey

Image by Tom Wheatley

I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. - 3 John 1:2

This is our same prayer for you. Wellness is important. We all know that. But sometimes it's hard figuring out HOW. Let us help you.


 Do you struggle to find the time to meditate? Are you finding it difficult to find the right yoga studio for you? Are you interested in yoga but a little concerned about being in a big class? Would you like to incorporate your faith into your wellness practice? 


Well, the perfect yoga & meditation studio is closer than you think. It’s right on your laptop or computer! Let a certified Sozo Instructor help you create a consistent seated and moving meditation practice from the comfort of wherever you call home. 


We will meet with you in our Virtual Studio, walk through your current wellness practice and develop two personalized one on one sessions just for you. After our time together, we will send you a customized PDF with all the poses, verses, and breathing techniques that we used. 


Let us help you on your wellness journey, sign up for a Session Package or Wellness Consultation. 

Sozo Stories

“My physical yoga practice with Casey felt very spiritual and spoke directly to my faith. What a refreshing balance.  I needed a little reminder about the power and availability of GRACE today. It was right on time! ”

- Candace

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